Glennwood Housing Foundation Renovation

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In 2013, Glennwood Housing Foundation, Inc. opened the doors to a 42 room Adult Residential Facility in Laguna Beach, California that became home for up to 50 young adults with development disabilities. Glennwood House of Laguna Beach is on a 33,000 square foot site that includes state-of-the-art living, dining, kitchen, recreational, and social spaces.

The Southern California KDC Construction team partnered with Glennwood Housing Foundation in December to provide assistance with maintenance, renovation, and upgrade projects to the facility. The scope included maintenance throughout the resident apartments and bathrooms, kitchen and dining room upgrades, custom administrative and medical office furniture and service cart fabrication, general facility repairs, and a total renovation of the basement storage area.

The Glennwood House community welcomed us with open arms. The KDC team collectively reflected it was they who were truly enriched by experience and by the friendships they forged working side-by-side with the residents. We look forward to more opportunities for outreach with Glennwood Housing Foundation.

Glennwood Housing Foundation