We’ve Got it Covered

For several years, KDC Construction has participated in McDonald’s Major Remodel Program throughout California.  The build schedule is phased in order to maximize customer access by minimizing complete store closure periods.  During the roofing upgrade, portions of the store interiors are potentially exposed to adverse weather making it difficult for store employees to operate.  Efforts to keep the store open utilizing conventional plastic sheet materials as temporary cover can be hindered in stormy or windy conditions.

The KDC Construction team proposed an idea that would elevate protection against the elements and increase open restaurant hours.  KDC partnered with an experienced manufacturer of large tent products who designed a massive clear span structure to envelop sites under construction.  The self-supported structure had no contact points with the building allowing crews to work freely on all construction phases.  The shelter provided clear passage for customers on foot and in the drive-through, while protecting the store interiors and building materials.

The innovation of the temporary structure provided our McDonald’s construction counterparts a valuable new option to maintain the build plan through adverse weather conditions.