LEEDing the Pack

With five KDC employees attaining the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)  Professional Credentials in the past few years, the team was eager to put our learning to practical use.  Starbucks Coffee Company provided our first opportunity when we were invited to participate in building LEED® certified Starbucks stores.

In building new stores for Starbucks, KDC Construction incorporates the following practices (to name afew):  75% landfill diversion of extracted materials such as returning trenched concrete to manufacturers for reuse and recycling all cardboard and plastic material packaging.  Indoor air quality management plans insure the sites are mopped daily and vacuums are used on sanding tools.  KDC teams install low-flow fixtures, low voltage lighting, Energy Star equipment, use formaldehyde/urea-free composite wood materials, and source local reused and reclaimed timber for wood finishes.  Low VOC (volatile organic compound) chemicals  and paints  are applied,  concrete is often stained in lieu of  new floor  tile,  and fiberglass-free wall systems are procured where possible.

Starbucks has instituted measures from responsible building materials and furnishings to energy and water-efficient systems into its store designs.  KDC Construction is proud to contribute to the Starbucks Coffee Company effort in building stores in ways that reduce impact on the planet; experience that should prove invaluable as the construction industry moves toward greener standards.